Monday, October 27, 2014

Just Added! CD & Album package design featuring custom illustration and hand-lettering for David Sleigh’s new release, “Hiding in the Sun”. Learn more about David’s music at ReverbNation.

On “Hiding in the Sun” Sleigh’s lilting and unique voice conveys shadowy lyrical images that shift through changing cinematic-like scenes.  This carefully constructed album, best suited for a solitary late night start-to-finish listen (with plenty of candles burning for good effect) is peppered with pausing instrumentals that allows the preceding songs’ words time to linger in the voiceless ambiance.  With acoustic guitar, violins, harmonica and retro keyboards, the songs follow a mostly minimal indie folk bent, with stylistic twist and turns throughout (from desert noir to near classic rock territory) that imbues plenty of intrigue and variety to keep the journey going while maintaining an absorbing vibe.  – DS

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